HSCF Nutritional Program


This program will have you working 1 on 1 with a HSCF coach once a week to help you meet your weight loss or even gain goals. We will start by having a detailed discussion about what your specific goals are and what fitness success means to you. After we get an understanding of what it is we’re aiming for, we will take some baseline  body measurements and gather the metrics so we can measure progress the entire way!


Next comes the important stuff, the plan! Our coaches will accurately figure out your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and also take into consideration how many calories you are burning working out and while at work. From there we  can recommend a calorie deficit and a macro nutrient plan to follow that will have you speeding toward your diet and fitness goal.


Once a week you will check in with a coach, discuss how progress is coming, update us with key metrics, and we will make adjustments and recommendations. Once a month we will retake key body measurements.


The fact of the matter is, everyone can use a coach, whether it is in fitness and diet, family & relationships, or in business..coaching just works. Things seem a lot easier when we have a support system in front of us taking each step with us and for a lot of us, that’s what Crossfit means, community and support. Let us support you in your fitness goals for 2019 and I guarantee we will see the results!


The HSCF Nutritional Program we offer includes:

Initial consult and key metrics

4 discussions/Updates a month

Re-measures monthly

No contracts, quit when not needed

A diet consultant available via email, responding within 24hrs

A plan and knowledge that will last a lifetime



We have flexible options to meet your needs! Contacts us to discuss what kind of plan is best for you.